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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Training Tips From The Pro's- Jenny Kalmbach

Hey guys, I have had a lot of you asking about off-season training lately. A lot of people say they do not have a lot of time to train in the off-season due to kids/wife/husband/work/cold weather etc. So I figured what better way to get idea's on training then from the best paddlers in the world?? I know some of them just from going to different events and some of them I just contacted and they were cool enough to help us out with some tips. One of the coolest things about this sport is that even the best paddlers in the world are down to earth. I plan to post tips every few days from different pros that responded. The question I asked them was "if you had less then an hour a day to get a workout (Off Water) what would you do?" Here are their responses

Jenny Kalmbach

Jenny is one of the top female paddlers in the world. She is the first ever winner of the battle of the paddle, she was voted 2011 sup paddler of the year, and she was the star of Destination 3deg to name a few of her MANY accomplishments. To read more about her and follow what she is up to check out her site http://jennykalmbach.com/
So stoked she is giving some tips to our followers. Race season is right around the corner so get busy!! Here is what She has to say


Here's my 2 cents on offseason training!!

Over the years, one of my biggest lessons has been the importance of rest & recovery. So, after a long year of racing and many hours on and off the water, it's important to give myself a break from paddling both physically and mentally! I stash my race boards, pull out my SUP surfing boards and hit the gym. To mix it up, I strength train 3-4 times a week and add in biking, running and of course surfing whenever the waves are good. To avoid over-training and give my body time to heal, I take at least 2 days off a week.

Everything I do in the off season is designed to increase my performance during race season, so it's key to stay motivated and focused. In the gym, it's all about increasing power by using heavy weights, lower repetitions and slow movements. A lot of my workouts involve core and lower body work, doing exercises like the plank, squats, box jumps & lunges. I incorporate the TRX, rope training, indo board, & jump rope. When I'm running or biking, I focus on hill repeats & speed/interval work. I'll spend 20-30 minutes on the treadmill doing short, fast intervals, which is a great way of increasing speed. I also really enjoy being on the bike, which is great for improving cardio and building leg strength and endurance; it's crucial for my legs to stay strong during a 5+hr paddle!

After a couple months off from paddling, I'm looking forward to training and racing again! With so many great new races popping up, it's looking to be an awesome 2012!

Happy paddling!!

Thanks Jenny

Sup Annapolis