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Friday, December 12, 2014

Throw back Training tips from the pro's

Chase Kosterlitz- -

Chase is probably THE top paddler on the East Coast!! The Florida Native is on the podium wherever he goes and represents the EC out on the west very well. We got a chance to meet him at last years Carolina Cup, he is a really nice guy and he is CRAZY FAST. If you watch the video footage we took from last years Carolina cup you will see he stands out because he SHOOTS out to the front of the pack very fast. Chase will be updating his site with workout tips so make sure to keep an eye out www.watermonkey.com . Here is what he has to say

"Hi Ben,

It's funny that you wrote me about this because I am in the final stages of a new website I am putting together. A lot of it will be dedicated to training from A-Z. I will be sure to send you the info once it is live.

For now I can give a little advice. There are a ton of variables for what each individual should do if given the set of circumstances you laid out. Each individual will be different. However, the number one most important thing they can do in the beginning is to get their technique dialed in. I find a lot of people try to go into the endurance/physical part of training before they have half-way decent technique. If you practice one hour a day of poor technique you are only reinforcing bad habits.

If they do have the technique down then they can concentrate on interval training with their limited time. This kind of training targets all 3 energy systems and will give the most band-for-your-buck.

I hope you can use this. Once the site is up there will be some very specific training content to help people like your customers.

Happy Holidays"

Thanks Chase and good luck this upcoming season